Valer Pop / CEO & Co-Founder

Valer began his career at the campus completing his PhD at Philips. Over the past 10 years Valer was part of the Imec team, an internationally famous R&D institute based at High Tech Campus Eindhoven. During the past 5 years he has focused on new technology sales and business development. An entrepreneur at heart he is now fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Alongside LifeSense, Valer is a family man that enjoys busy evenings and weekends with his three children and partner Cristina. He is an avid Japan fan that has taught himself Japanese and devours yakitori, sushi and chilled green tea. And if there is time to spare, a yoga class will be a favorite to fit in.

Mitsugu Yoneyama / Co-Founder

Mitsugu began his career at Hitachi Central Research Laboratory in 1974. He gradually shifted his career from computer science to semiconductor, which brought him wide personal network varying from system to semiconductor. Mitsugu joined IMEC as the representative of Japan, and was quite successful bringing Japanese companies as IMEC partners through his network, on top of his way of entertainment style

Mitsugu had always dreamed to visit Europe and studied English, German, French, Italian, and later Dutch. His attraction and curiosity for Europe brought him to Germany where he lived for five years together with his family. During this time he relocated when his company decided to have its European R&D operation. As a single son and father of three daughters, Mitsugu was eager to work with Valer and further contribute to human healthcare and ageing through LifeSense.

Julia Veldhuijzen van Zanten / Creative Lead & Co-Founder

A social designer with background in textile design she completed her studies at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design (London, 2010) and Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven (2014). Her goal is to create, question and materialize meaningful innovations that are important to the small moments of people’s everyday lives. This made her specifically interested in exploring the role of design within healthcare systems, products and its impact. With LifeSense she can’t wait for people to benefit from those ideas.

Outside the workspace you will find Julia drinking endless coffee at a café terrace, sporadically baking bread, walking her two rescue dogs in the forest or getting lost in a new city with her partner Llewellyn.

Nobuyoshi Tanimura / CTO

Nobuyoshi started his work career as an LSI design engineer after he got master degree in Applied Physics and has been engaged in various management positions in electronics field, including the Managing Director of Hitachi Micro Systems Europe, an engineering company headquartered in UK and the Senior Executive Vice President of Renesas Solutions headquartered in Tokyo Japan.

Through his career, he is always interested in advanced technology not just in electronics but also in ICT and Biology related areas and has a lot experience helping high tech start-up companies grow their business. Given Tanimura-san’s belief that each country has its own delicious and enjoyable dishes, he enjoys trying different cuisines and is even starting to change his view on British food given his son has settled down in the UK.

Megha Niluvase Srinivasamurthy / CFO

With a solid background in finance, post MBA Megha joined Philips as a financial analyst for the two billion euro business unit. Following she worked within an accelerator programme assisting startup’s in building the business and financial knowledge. This passion for startup’s brought Megha into contact with LifeSense Group. The company’s vision to improve the lives of women through its technology inspired her to become part of this family. Megha believes in spreading positive energy through empowering women and thus having a positive impact on the society.

On the personal side, Megha is a happy mother and loving partner. She relishes spending time with her family, a good movie and a cheeky rollercoaster ride once in a while.

Eline van Uden / Product Manager

Eline has a research background in the faculty of Humanities with a specific interest in literature and gender. Next to her studies she worked as a fashion model for ten years. She wrote her Master’s thesis about the fashion modeling industry. She is motivated to embark on projects that significantly improve the lives of women around the world. In her free time Eline loves hiking in the forest, reading literature and philosophy and to incidentally drink a glass of wine. But the best moments in life are being in the company of beloved friends and family.

Tetsuro Ieda / Quality and Certification Manager

Tetsuro focused his studies during university and graduate school within industrial engineering and management. He began his career at Hitachi Semiconductor division in 1974. He was engaged in production control, project management and business planning at Hitachi and Renesas. With two sons and four grandchildren Ieda-san spends his weekends together with his family whom live nearby to home. On occasion and for health he likes to spend time with his wife relaxing in the countryside.

Yohei Kanazawa / CFO

Yohei attained a Financial MBA at Waseda University. He started his career at Hitachi’s semiconductor division, where he was involved in microprocessors, ASIC projects and Market research operations for six years.

Afterwards, He joined Daiwa Institute of Research as an equity analyst covering major industrial electronics stocks. Later, he was head-hunted to transfer to Citigroup Securities as director, and then moving to Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities. In 2013, he decided to establish several start-up companies and taking advantage with the career of the financial and semiconductor business so far. He lives together with his wife, daughter and two lovely dogs. Traveling to the hot springs with his family and dogs is one of his favourite things.

Kirsten van der Kolk / Media and public relations

Lifestyle-Coach, trainer, consultant in personal team and organizational development, Kirsten’s passion is to support individuals or teams in achieving their goals. As a gold medallist rower Kirsten knows something about achieving goals. She competed together with Marit van Eupen in the lightweight women’s double sculls. Ten years of professional sport with many highs and lows, a Bronze medal at Athens and Gold at the Olympic Games in Beijing (2008) are among the many goals achieved. After receiving her bronze Olympic medal, Kirsten decided to fulfill another ambition. To be a mother. Inspired by the Olympics she named her daughter after the Greek goddess of victory (Nike). She is currently a writing a series of stories about professional athlete mums in the sports magazine Helden.
Her motto “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”.